MATLAB : Review of fondamentals Toolbox

Book Cover: MATLAB : Review of fondamentals Toolbox

Table Of Contents -----------------------------------2
Index Of Tables     -----------------------------------2
Introduction    -----------------------------------------3
MATLAB Evolution ----------------------------------14
MATLAB core (without Toolbox) -----------------19
Symbolic calculations (Symbolic Toolbox)-----697
Databases (with Database/Datafeed toolbox)-713
Statistics (with Statistical and Curve Fitting Toolbox)  -----------------733
Optimization (with Optimization Toolbox/Global Optimization Toolbox)-------------926
Finance (with Finance/Optimization and Econometrics Toolboxes)------------------956
Signal processing (Signal processing Toolbox)  ------------------------------------------1108
Circuit Analysis (Simulink Toolbox)  -------------1114
Neural Networks (Neural Network Toolbox) ---1138
Image Processing (with Image Processing and Acquisition Toolboxes) ---1150
Bioinformatic (with Bioinformatics and Statistics Toolbo------------------------1190
Parallel Computing (with Parallel Computing Toolbox) -------------------------1197
Compiler Toolbox (C#, C++, Compiler Toolbox)-----------------------------------1202


MATLAB is the abbreviation for MAtrix LABoratory and is actually the leading environment for technical computing. Originally written in Fortran, by C Moler, MATLAB was designed to facilitate the access to the matrix framework developed for the LINPACK and EISPACK projects. The current version, written in C by the MathWorks Inc., exist in a Professional version and a Student version. Its availability is ensured on multiple platforms: Linux, Mac, Windows and several parallel machines.